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Welcome to our club .

Thankyou for stopping by. Updated May 20th


Contact us at - cvmrrc440@hotmail.com



Next meeting June 2nd. 7:30 pm

Saturday operations - June 4th. 9 am.

Evening operations June 16th. 7pm



Time change : Appetizers at 6:30

Dinner : 7pm.

.Make sure the club

has up to date email addresses.





Next open house - Sept. 17th

Saturday 11- 4pm.

Note: Time change to allow

visitors on the Mainline Tours to get

around the area layouts.


Thankyou to all who continue to support the club.

These shows are one of the reasons

we continue to be in operation.

Thanks to you all.


HO Tea cup ride -carnival


HO Lumber Mill




N scale European




HO scale coffee pot stop


Star wars Lego


O scale layout



Notice For Sale

We now have 'O' scale cars at the club

Boxcars, flatcars & gondolas.


Three new numbers on each run.

Go to sales page info.










Are you a CVRR fan?

You may be interested in the CD we have

for sale - it has very old pics of the CVRR,

the people who ran it, rode it and also

maintained it.

This CD is for sale at the club with

kind permission from the author/

historian - Mike Marotte III.


Below is one of the pics you will see.

The club also has a portion of the ladder on display from this water tower which was torn down in 2004.



The CD has over 140 pics on it.

It is $20.00.

A very special thankyou to those who purchased

the CVRR CD to date - it has most

certainly helped the club.



Thankyou to all who have supported us over

the past years.


. We look forward to seeing

those familiar faces along with many new faces too .

It's free and it's fun!!!!!!

You may also pick up a flier at the front of our building

from the flier tube under the mailbox for our next event

Take a Virtual Tour of the club..

click on link below

Virtual Tour







Info: 717-263-6447 or 717-360-6991



Would you like to learn more about model railroading?

Would you like to have someone speak at an event or at your club?

Would you like to learn how to operate trains?

If you are interested in trains of any kind then contact the club

or stop by Sat.mornings- between 10 and noon

Tues.& Thurs.evenings - 7:30 to 9 pm.

call the phone numbers above for more info.








                                                                   S gauge  






                        O Gauge layout




                           O    Gauge layout                      








                                        Full view of club






                                              N Scale





                       Z Gauge




                                     Washington - The White House - 





                                    Z gauge       The Swiss Alps    


           Travel  the world in less than an hour -  tour the Z scale               





                             Z Gauge

       with Tiniest Thomas the Tank engine and cars





                                                        TT scale layout





   Fun for the whole family!!!  


Thanks to all the people

who have supported us.









             Visit our sales room for great bargains!! 




You are visitor number:






If you are interested in joining the club you are welcome to come to

the meeting -1st Thursday of each month at 7:30pm.

Fill out a membership form and meet club members .

We welcome you to come in see what we have to offer.

Most Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings - 7:30pm

Saturday mornings til around noon. 

If you want to know what is going on in the club then

show up either to the meeting or club nights.






For helpful information  on model railroading and the

hobby go to our links page and click on the site below.



freight-hobbies .


Welcome To   The Cumberland Valley Model Railroad Club




        All Aboard !!!




In 1996 a small group of railroad enthusiasts recognized the need for a club in the Chambersburg area, thus in April of that year the Cumberland Valley Model Railroad Club was founded. The club derived its name from the Cumberland Valley Railroad. The Cumberland Valley Railroad's headquarters, which was located in Chambersburg served the Cumberland Valley from 1836 until its demise in 1919.  For more history on the CVRR, click here: http://d_cathell.tripod.com/cvrrmain.html

                                    About the club:        

     You've seen the rest - now see the best !!!!

      The areas best attraction - fun for the whole family - lots to see,T scale is smallest scale.

We pride ourselves on 10 gauges of trains   -G ,Standard -, O - O27-. On3.- HO,TT  and N & Z & T...We even have an operating LEGO layout! The little ones will love our Thomas layout and friends Lady, James, Gordon and Percy.    We now also have Emily!!!  Donald and Douglas-  Jeremy has just arrived.

 We have over 3700 pieces of rolling stock.  1207 on the tracks and 2500 on display.  There's 909 square feet of HO, 501 of O and 120 of N. There are 35 gauge miles of HO track, 8- O scale miles and 10- N gauge miles.G gauge is under construction we have engines running a complete oval above your head when you walk in the door. The work is still in progress.

 If you are in town or have relations/friends/neighbors you are welcome to bring them into the club to browse. Most of them return for the Christmas shows with even more people.


                                              Some of our attractions :

                                      Cartoon train- see which ones you know!!

                                      The Muppets

                                      Paddington Bear

                                      Wizard of Oz!            

                                      Minions !!!!!

                                      Free coloring sheets for the children including FROZEN and Thomas

                                      Chambersburg layout in the 60 's -what do you remember???

                                      Barn dance and Letterkenny Depot

                                      Mini Thomas in Animal Kingdom

                                      Thomas and friends are waiting for you .

                                      Murdoch has rolled in.             

                                      Hank is a huge surprise - dropping in from jolly old England.

                                      Well they are all english.

                                      Jeremy is here along with Harold

                                      Bikers hangout, Rock and Roll Park.               

                                      PLANES Fire & Rescue at the movie theatre.

                                      Z gauge now in two areas  plus new engine.

                                      Tiniest Thomas to see on Z gauge

                                      S gauge  - the way things used to  be

                                      T gauge -  bring your glasses!

                                      TT gauge

                                      European layout under construction

                                      Chickens are happy laying eggs.                                   

                                      See Bedrock quarry - Fred and Dino                  

                                      New -Batman train,Star wars Lego, Grinch Train  



   See the 4 ft x 8 ft  layout at the Texas Lunch on

   Lincoln Way West - also known as "The Tracks"

   Stop in for lunch or coffee and even

   get some nice fresh donuts next door.        

   There are now two trains running on it.

   Pick up a flier  for our next open houses.

   or call Bill Robinson at  717-360-6991 for info.

   Our next open house is Sept.17th




       Designed and built by club member.                                 

       Benchwork by club member.



         Texas Lunch Layout                                                     





        At any one time at our shows see over 55 trains running.               


    Each year we raffle off a complete ready to run N scale

    layout,. It is  30" x 60" which includes locomotive and

    rolling stock, controller, its ready to roll.

    Member is working on number 16 N scale raffle layout.









  Book a tour of the club: contact.Bill.Robinson-717-360-6991

  We welcome school trips, church groups, retirement

  groups and other clubs.We accept donations for these events.     Call    

        For more information call the club at 717-263-6447.           

                   or Bill at phone number above.   


   Don't forget if you have train and related items to

   donate  we are always in need of things. If you are down

   sizing or changing scale please consider the club to donate

   to.  Thankyou to all those who have donated such items in

   the past. The club is very grateful.

   PA -    Boxcar -  With original box and showing number of

                                issue  (379)

                        on display at CVMRRC-440 Nelson St.


                    Actual boxcar at Norlo Park, Rt.30 East

                   Chambersburg - Pa.     



                                                Club meetings:


       Meetings the first Thursday of each month. Start: 7:30pm. at 440 Nelson St.

       Tuesday and Thursday evenings are allocated as running/working evenings



              The CVMRRC is located at     

            440 Nelson St. Chambersburg

                        Copyright © 2005 Cumberland Valley Model Railroad Club

440 Nelson Street, PO Box 1258,  Chambersburg, PA 17201                 

Phone: 717-263-6447        






                  Please note the following:

                  Please do not bring in coffee containers or

                  sodas. No Food or drink allowed near layouts.

                  Children under 18 must be accompanied

                  by an adult and under adult supervision at all  

                  times because of the volume of visitors.

                  Please refrain from touching the layouts! If you

                  break it - you PAY to replace it. Some things are

                  not replaceable.

                  Watch your children please.

                  NO exceptions thankyou.



                  Thankyou for your co-operation. Most if not all

                  of these displays are irreplaceable, let alone

                  the cost itself. These displays are done for you

                  to enjoy, try not to damage them.

                  We want you to thoroughly enjoy the displays.











                                               Club Photos                    





 New Franklin Fire Dept. on the Chambersburg layout HO



                                        'O' Scale layout at the club







                            'T' Scale ( as you can see the

                                  train is smaller than a pencil. The scale is 1/440th. 







                                                                                      'O' Scale layout








                                                                                   O Gauge layout









                                      LEGO layout cleaned and ready to go.


     Special Notice:   MEMBERS OF CVMRRC.

     Open Houses: Try to help out at these -

     don't just up and run at 4pm.

     These are hard work - make sure modules

     have scenery or such on them - no bare wood.

     Also preparing for shows, food to set out and

     clean up when show is over. Same few always

     end up doing it.

     Scotland Toy Train and Doll show.

     If you are helping at the shows, please try

     and remember when the show is over on

     the sunday its not time to leave.

     The club tables all have to be packed away,

     The shelves all torn down and packed up.

     Then both rooms need to be put back the

     way they were for Bingo.

     Trash all has to be done, floors mopped etc.

     This takes good strong guys to do this.

     There are certain members who can not

     physically do this due to Dr's.orders.

     If no one stays to tear down then there will

     be NO MORE shows.

     We understand if you have to work etc.

     Either help setting up on saturday or help on

     sunday to reset back as it was.

     The open houses at the club do not run them


     Try to help out and especially when its over

     the room needs cleaning - dishes need doing-

     don't just leave at 4.pm.

     The same people are doing every time.