Come in and browse.


   Each year we get more and more people coming in .

   Open Houses are always great and so nice to see returning faces.

   So nice to see new visitors and also new to the hobby.

   Bring your friends, neighbors, all your family and enjoy the hobby.







    Come into the club to purchase your O scale cars.

    there are also flatcars and gondolas of the CVRR too.

    These will become collectibles eventually so get yours soon.

    You may also call the club to reserve or

    buy one -  717-263-6447. Leave your name and phone number so we

    can get back to you. Thank you. 

    Also call Bill at 717-360-6991


   If you are interested in seeing the club layout you may call the club

   or if you have people who did not make it in at Christmas, you may book a private

   tour - contact Bill Robinson at  717-360-6991. Time can be arranged and the

   number of people also. Lots to see.

   Thomas is ( on kiddie eye level )


  Carnival with working rides and the Monorail.

   Animal kingdom - monkeys on the loose, see giraffes, polar bears, seals, elephants

   buffalo, moose, camels, Thomas taking passengers around the park. Helping Thomas

   on the HO layout are his friends - Emily, Donald and Douglas, James, Spencer, Gordon,

   and Edward, Murdoch and Hank have arrived now also. Now Rosie is here.

   Get your Thomas ,Transformers, connect the dots coloring

   sheets when you leave. These are free. Now we have Frozen and

   Minions too-

   We have S Scale , see the trains you had as children.

   We have the smallest train being T scale. Same size as a lead pencil.

   We have TT - thats between N and HO.

   Marklin/European/Swiss layout is complete now.


   We have Z scale now and you can travel from Europe- Austria-Switzerland to Paris,

   to London England and to New York to Philadelphia /Pennsyvania countryside and

   into Washington DC. See the White House,Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial,

   Washington Monument, Capital Building and the Pentagon. All this without

   leaving your chair !!

   Watch the riders on the roller coaster - see the Ferris wheel. Also tea cup ride.

   Tour the western town and see the buckin bronco- see the shootout between two cowboys,

   watch the re-enactment between the soldiers and Indians.

   Visit the rifle shop and the hotel where a tenant is taking a bath outside. Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!

   There is so much to see you will have to plan another visit.


    Can you find Barney ??????

   Godzilla has arrived !!      

    See Jurassic Park, always popular with the children .         

   long long ago when only Dinosaurs ruled the earth.

   See the volcano and whose that sat in the middle of the hot springs. ??????

   Its so hot he has turned purple from the heat.!!!!!

   See the camper trailer overhanging the cliff from the movie Jurassic Park.


   See the European layout with Neuschwanstein Castle- see Chitty-Chitty- Bang- Bang

,  dancers in the square; beer garden,

   Travel on the Ice High speed train, or take the passenger train -

   see the Budweiser team horses.

   Take the Monorail around the carnival.



    Train/Toy/Doll show -

    Show in February toys, dolls, trains,                                       


    Scotland Community Center.                 

    Main St. Scotland. Pa.   





       Food is available at the shows : Come early - EAT -

       do your shopping - have coffee.

       If you would like to buy a table or even more

       contact :


      : Bill Robinson 1-717-360-6991


      Maybe you have items you no longer can find a place for or

      have changed scales and have things to sell .

    Directions: Take Exit 20 off of I-81

    Go north on PA 997.

    Turn left at M & T Bank.

    Community center is on the right, watch for Train show signs.