We are looking for new members.

Membership forms link below:


Stop up at the club on Tuesdays or Thursdays, if possible, to meet the members and socialize. 

7:30 pm.

Membership forms -fill in and send to or bring to club

clicking on link below.....print out and send back to address below........

A non-refundable processing fee of $10.00 is required at first meeting along with application.  Probation period is 3 months (1 month if sponsored by a club member).

We ask that you show up on a regular basis so club members get to know you . If you dont show up you wont be voted on.

  We ask you to attend and assist at open houses,events and club functions.

   Full membership:

  • Age:    18 and over   
  • Cost:   $20.00 per month

Receive a key to the building ($5.00 deposit required.  Refundable if you leave the club in good standing)                         

This applies only to adult - under 18 not allowed keys.

  You will be eligible to:

  • vote on issues
  • run for office or board committees
  • operate and run trains      


      Junior membership

     .  Age:  14 and under parent takes out full

                 membership  at $20.00 per month

     .          Parent accompanies child ,

         14-18 - junior pays 10.00 per month

  May participate in all activities of CVMRRC.


    Student membership

       . Age:   18 years or older attending full time education

       . Cost     $10.00 per month

  May participate in all activities of CVMRRC 


     Social membership:

  • Age:   (Discussed by club members)
  • Cost:  $10.00 per month

      Social members may come in to the club to:

  • socialize with members.
  • help out at events, shows, or functions

       "  operate and run trains




  For more information or questions, please call the club at 717-263-6447 or W.Robinson 717-360-6991

  Membership forms available online - fill in and mail to :


  440 Nelson Street,


  Pa. 17201.                           



        Include a check for $10.00 application fee (non-refundable)

        or bring cash to club with form to next meeting.

        If you hand it in between meeting dates then show up at next monthly


        so members can see you and your application will be started then.

        if you are not present and hand in an application it will not begin

        until you turn up so members can see who you are.

        Your application will begin from whichever meeting you attend.

        Right click-save as and save - print form out